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14 Aug The Hall of Fame in Hollywood

If you travel to La there is a place you cannot forget to visit. Of course we are talking about the Hall of Fame in Hollywood. The main attraction has to do with the fact that is one of those interesting things you have seen in many films and where hundreds of stars left their prints. Since the arrival of the Art Studios to Hollywood there are many stars shinning in the floor. You can...

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28 Aug Traveler moviegoes: the nouvelle vague in five stages

The Nouvelle Vague appears in the fifties to become an equivalent to the conceptualization of the art in this film case. Films were plagued by evidence that it was to innovate. These works are precursors of the May 68 movement. Here you are the most interesting settings of the French Nouvelle Vague. 5 filming locations of movies of the Nouvelle Vague 1. Sardent de “Le Beau Serge”: We go back to this site in the region of...

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