What name should you fill in when booking a ticket? Your name on your ticket must exactly match the name as it appears in the passport. In First surname fill the first  name as your passport.

Example: If a passenger’s name is Abraham Smith, then fill in the first name Abraham. In the next field, enter your last name Smith in according to your passport.

Example: If a passenger is called Mr James William Johnson in his passport, then you will need to fill in first name: James and last name: Johnson when you book your ticket.

What name should I enter if I’m married?

If you’re married, please always enter your original surname as stated on your passport. Travelling under your married name is not allowed.

Example: If a passenger married to Mr. Johnson is called Ms. Susan Lisa Jacobs on her passport, what should she enter when booking a ticket? First Name: Susan and last name Jacobs

Note: Accents, hyphens and other symbols are not accepted. Write the name all together, without spaces or special characters.

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